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About Us

LongView Consult is a Kenya-based consulting firm that conducts research and policy analysis on topical socio-economic and political issues from a foresight perspective. We look at past and current trends, and consider – in a volatile, uncertain, complex, changing and ambiguous environment – possible futures that can and should be planned for. Using this knowledge, we help communities, organizations, and governments think strategically about how to prepare for those eventualities. We do this through a variety of methods, including trends analysis, horizon scanning, systems mapping and scenarios building.

Longview was incorporated in 2015. We work primarily in Africa on African issues. As the first firm to fully specialize in foresight in Kenya, we have set ourselves up as fore thinkers in a variety of key arenas.

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Our Services

Futures Probe

Through Socio-economic research and policy analysis, we build past and present knowledge in key areas


Through various foresight techniques like brainstorming, systems analysis, futures wheels and scenarios building, we build understanding on why certain trends are occurring and establish their future implications. We then construct possible outcomes with the eventual aim of changing the course of future history.

Future Strat

We base our organizational strategy and development work on the principle of planning from the future to the present using strategic foresight methodologies such as back casting.

Future Learn

We enable learning, unlearning and relearning through facilitating brainstorming sessions and through project reviews and evaluations. We also publicly share knowledge products among key stakeholders through presentations, trainings and outreach.

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