Our Vision

To contribute to an African Society that has mastered the art of strategic foresight

Our Values


Professional Rigor

Since There Are No Facts In The Future, The Work We Do Must Undergo Such Rigorous Research And Analysis To Back Up The Assertions We Make


Imagination and creativity

Change Is The Only Certainty In The World, We Must Be As Creative And Imaginative As Possible In What The Future Might Look Like.



The Future Starts Today. We Must Learn, Be Bold And Have The Audacity To Imagine What The Future Could Look Like To Adequately Prepare.

Why We Exist

We recognize that the world around us is changing faster and in more complex ways than before. The old ways of thinking and solving problems are no longer working and thus causing unprecedented uncertainty among governments, organizations and individuals. While the majority are busy working day to day attempting to keep up with the changes and fighting for survival, some are groping for new answers.
In order to successfully cope with these changes and have an idea of the kind of world these groups should prepare for, they need to understand their current environment and visualize future developments.

They need to anticipate and understand change in order to proactively plan for it, increase resilience, secure future competitive advantage and successfully make critical life decisions. We therefore exist to help people develop the art of re-perceiving. To recognize that life will change, must change and has changed. Old perceptions are no longer valid but new ones are possible.

The Founder & Lead Consultant

Katindi Sivi-Njonjo is the founder of LongView Consult and currently the lead consultant of the firm. She works with a team of associates on a project by project basis depending on the expertise required to accomplish particular tasks.

Prior to founding LongView Consult, Ms. Katindi served as the Programme Director at the Society for International Development (SID), an international organization that conducts research and facilitates development dialogue. Between 2002 and 2012, she was head of Futures at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), a programme that focused on research, policy analysis and foresight.

Ms. Katindi has pioneered research and authored publications in various policy areas such as extractives, inequality and youth. Her work has contributed to the conceptualization of various programmes and policies in national and county governments as well influenced organizational and individual strategies both nationally and internationally.

Ms. Katindi is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in strategic leadership (Strategic foresight concentration) at Regent University. She holds an MSc in Organizational Development and a BA in International Relations (both from USIU). She also has training in Rural and Community Development (UoN), Scenarios Planning (University of Oxford, Said Business School) and Gender Budgeting.

Ms. Katindi is among the 5 top female futurists in Africa and among 167 world’s top female futurists (see: http://rossdawson.com/articles/list-of-the-worlds-top-female-futurists/)

Katindi Sivi