How to think like a futurist!

This course is for you if:

  • You are curious about what futures thinking is all about
  • You are in a leadership position, but you are unsure about how to manage any sought of change in these disruptive and uncertain times

The class chooses a preferred day and time of the week. A module has to have at least 10 students for it to start

Module 1 – Is a basic introduction on the subject matter of futures as defined in the field of Futures Studies and Foresight. It is crafted to enable the learner to understand foresight as a concept and practice that enables leaders and teams to explore the future as landscapes their organization might encounter.

Module 2 – is an exploration of trends and transformations shaping the future. It is crafted to enable the learner to understand the concept of change, disruption, and the functionality of systems.

Module 3 – is a demonstration of how leaders need to be future ready and future smart. The module is crafted to show how leaders navigate uncertainty while providing structure around making key strategic decisions during the time of disruptive change.

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