Future Probe

Through Socio-economic research and policy analysis, we build past and present knowledge in key areas

Past work

Longview has written the publications or contributed to sections of the reports

Youth Matters
Refugee impact on turkana hosts

Futures probe:

  • Action research
  • Applied research
  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research

Future Strat

  • Culture assessment
  • Strategic planning
  • Visioning


  • Brain storming
  • Trends monitoring
  • Horizon scanning
  • Scenarios building
  • Systems mapping
  • Futures wheels
  • Back-casting
  • Simulations and gaming

Futures Learn

  • Project reviews and evaluations
  • Brain storming sessions
  • Topical presentations
  • Trainings
Youth Trends
State governance and development in africa
Gender Equality and Political Process in Kenya
Drilling Past the Resource Curse
Youth Situation Analysis