We give you Hindsight to learn from the past. We give you Insights to understand the present. We give you Foresight to imagine the future. We make you Change the way you look at things.

The Founder and Executive Director.

Dr. Katindi Sivi is among the top six female futurists in Africa, according to Ross Dawson’s ranking. She is the founder and the organizational lead of Kenya’s premier strategic foresight organizations, LongView Consult inaugurated in 2015 and LongView Futures Foundation instituted in 2019. She is also the principal trainer at the Africa Foresight Lab, a platform she set up to foster foresight literacy among African’s professionals and especially young people - a course that anchors the must have 21st century competencies like critical thinking, complex problem solving...

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About Company.

LongView is Kenya’s first and fully-fledged strategic foresight firm that conducts research and policy analysis on topical socio-economic and political issues in Africa...

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What we do.

LongView works with governments, organizations, communities and individuals to help them gain futures intelligence and strategic insights for strategic positioning...

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Why Us?

We exist to help people develop the art of re-perceiving. To recognize that life will change, must change, and has changed. Old perceptions are no longer valid but new ones are possible....

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LongView Group

In a nutshell...

Our Services.

Planning from the future to the present using strategic foresight methodologies like backcasting.


Through various foresight techniques like brainstorming, systems analysis, futures wheels, and scenario building, we build understanding on …

Future Strat

We base our organizational strategy & development work on the principle of planning from the future to the present using strategic foresight …

Futures Probe

Through Socio-economic research and policy analysis, we build past and present knowledge in key areas…

Future Learn

We enable learning, unlearning and relearning through facilitating brainstorming sessions. We also …

Data Analytics

We use the International Futures (IFs) model which is a data analytics tools Longview Consult uses to enable …

Latest News & Blog.

September 18, 2020

Thriving in Turbulence…How do we handle disruptions?

My youngling (she is three) keeps saying, “when coronavirus ends, we shall do ….”. Like her, we say it loud or deep-down wish that we could miraculously snap out of…
September 18, 2020

How COVID-19 has destroyed the false narratives we tell ourselves

All African countries, including Kenya, latched onto the ‘Africa rising’ narrative peddled in the early 2000s after a series of ...
Resist the status quo biasBlog
September 18, 2020

Resist the status quo bias

In Kenya and Africa at large, politics is a filter through which many, if not all, things are perceived. However, when COVID-19 took over our lives in March, politicians who…


They definitely change the way you think!

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LongView will give you a long view of things!

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They will help you learn, unlearn and re-learn!

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LongView made us future ready and future smart!

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Let us walk with you to kick-start the future!