About the Course.

Strategic Foresight courses are designed to give professionals working in governments and organizations, as well as young people in Africa, insights on how to navigate increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations so that they can be future ready to strategically position themselves to innovate and gain competitive advantage.

What you learn.

The course equips with:

  • The skills, techniques, and tools of practically integrating foresight into problem solving and decision-making
  • The relevant 21st century competencies like critical thinking, complexity, cultural modelling, creativity, collaboration, and various leadership skills like adaptive or agile leadership and anticipatory management to effectively navigate change.
  • The ability to discern future disruption and be more prepared for uncertain times.
  • The general ability to appreciate the practice of strategic foresight.

Forward Thinking Strategists who desire to be ahead of their professional game.

Curious People who love learning new ways of doing things.

Executives and Professionals in positions to manage any sort of organisational change in these disruptive and uncertain times.

Programme structure.

Course Design

The programme is designed in several modules. Each module is legible for a certificate of completion, with each subsequent module being a higher (more advanced) level. It is in completing 5 modules (which is equivalent to approximately 160 hours) that the student gets a certificate of specialization. Each module is on average seven weeks - culminating to an equivalent of 32 hours of material covered, when both class and personal assignments are considered, per module.

Course Expectation

The course has adopted an action research methodology instead of assessments, which requires the students to identify a real-world challenge they will systematically solve by the end of each module. Active student participation, readings, engagement in group exercises, and completion of the individual final paper on time, are required for successful completion of a module.

A class / module accommodates a maximum of 25 people to facilitate the needed interaction. In the past class we had an oversubscription but not by more that 10 additional slots. A previous cohort had 35 students from 17 African countries.

Programme structure

Module Class schedule Summary

Saturdays 9 a.m.
East African time

2nd July; 2022;
3rd September 2022;
5th November 2022;
14th January 2023;
4th March 2023

Introduction to strategic foresight, which covers definitions of
strategic foresight. It delves into sensemaking, surfacing and
challenging assumptions, and begins you on a journey of developing
strategic foresight muscles and mindset.

Saturdays 11.30 a.m.
East African time

3rd September 2022

Disruptive change is geared towards understanding a VUCCA/TUNA
world in the global system, while taking into account the weight of
history, the push for the present, and the pull of the future.
The different paradigms will give us various insights on scoping to
effectively recognize future disruptive change.

Saturdays 11.30 a.m.
East African time

5th November 2022

Scenarios planning for decision making will introduce participants
to various approaches to scenarios building, real world uses of
scenarios planning and their outcomes, practically designing a
scenarios exercise to develop alternative futures, and developing
strategic responses from the stories.

Saturdays 11.30 a.m.
East African time

14th January 2023

Systems thinking introduces the systems lens; systems structures
and behaviour; tools and practices of systems thinkers; practical work
on understanding existing systems, their constituent parts, how they
work together, and what they produce; deducing strategic insights
from a systems perspective.

Saturdays 11.30 a.m.
East African time

4th March 2023

Future minded and agile leadership introduces you to strategic
leadership; strategic thinking and acting; situational approaches
and leadership; self-assessments of type of leader and levels of
agility and self-awareness of what to improve; strategic influence,
teams and strategies for superior results and transformation


Throughout the year.
Timings are as agreed
with the clients

Ideal for corporates, organizational departments needing to
manage change processes but also start-ups designing operating
models Anticipatory management to create future ready organizations
combines organizational design and strategies for future ready
companies. These include: scope and goals of organizations;
strategic fit; structure; process, people and cultures;
coordination, control and incentives; designing the right
architecture; implementing the right design architecture,
transitions and succession.


Throughout the year.
Timings are as agreed
with the clients

Ideal for government ministries and departments, devolved
governments and State parastatals Anticipatory governance
queries conventional policy-making and planning, and proposes
a more proactive policy process that fosters decision-making
and governance capacities that enhance resilience.
equity as well as good, just, and sustainable governance outcomes.
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
We interact once a week for two to three hours online. This
class (Module 1) is provided on Saturday mornings from 9.00 a.m.
East African time while subsequent modules (2-5) are offered on
Saturday mornings from 11.30 a.m. East African time. Dates are
as indicated on the table above.
Groups in similar professions, organizations or with mutual
interests can opt for weekly face to face trainings (or online
ones with intermittent face to face sessions) at a location of
their choice (within Nairobi and its close environs). Previously,
this option has been preferred, for example, by donors supporting
partners to attend or professional colleagues. Classes are held
on weekdays (or Saturday afternoons). Dates and timings
are as agreed with the group
For groups unable to spread out their learning in 7
weeks per module, they can organize for an intense one-
week retreat session (5 learning days per module) at
whatever location they choose. Previously, this option
has been preferred by organizations, government
officials and busy executives, including those located
in other African countries. Dates and timings are as
agreed with the group
  1. An opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and institutional performance
  2. An opportunity to increased your job prospects
  3. You will learn aspects of new things you didn’t know about
  4. An opportunity for cross learning and collaboration with peers
  5. You will get a one-on-one opportunity to discuss indepth foresight strategies to
  6. Access to useful foresight material and tools
  7. Gain access to some foresight forums
  8. An opportunity to increase your job prospects
  9. Gain access to an international community of foresight practice including special
    guests who will be invited to give a lecture to the students or to answer practical
    questions from our global network of futurists.


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Each module costs a highly subsidized rate of Kenya shillings 55,000.00 or an equivalent of USD 550.

Class Enrollment

Please register in the following link:(will give you a link) Only full payment of course fees before commencement of class is proof of completed registration.


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Who is offering
the course?

The course is offered by LongView-Africa Foresight Lab through International Leadership University. Through this partnership, we seek to premier formal foresight trainings in Africa and build a strong community of practice that is linked to other practitioners globally.

The International Leadership University (ILU)

The International Leadership University (ILU) is a network of accredited universities, colleges, schools and ministries in Africa. The International Leadership University (ILU) exists to develop and educate future leaders of integrity and vision who will become world-changers, leading beneficial societal transformation. The University has been in existence since 1981

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