To contribute to an African Society that
has mastered the art of strategic foresight.

Our Values.


Since There Are No Facts In The Future, The Work We Do Must Undergo Such Rigorous Research And Analysis To Back Up The Assertions We Make


Change Is The Only Certainty In The World, We Must Be As Creative And Imaginative As Possible In What The Future Might Look Like.


The Future Starts Today. We Must Learn, Be Bold And Have The Audacity To Imagine What The Future Could Look Like To Adequately Prepare.

Why We Exist.

We recognize that the world around us is changing faster and in more complex ways than before. The old ways of thinking and solving problems are no longer working and thus causing unprecedented uncertainty among governments, organizations, communities, and individuals. While the majority are busy working day today attempting to keep up with the changes and fighting for survival, some are groping for new answers. In order to successfully cope with these changes and have an idea of the kind of world these groups should prepare for, they need to understand their current environment and visualize future developments. They need to anticipate and understand the change in order to proactively plan for it, increase resilience, secure future competitive advantage, and successfully make critical life decisions. We, therefore, exist to help people develop the art of re-perceiving. To recognize that life will change, must change, and has changed. Old perceptions are no longer valid but new ones are possible.

The Founder and Executive Director.

Dr. Katindi Sivi is among Africa’s top seven female futurists, according to Ross Dawson’s ranking. She is the founder of Kenya’s premier strategic foresight organizations, LongView Consult inaugurated in 2015 and LongView Futures Foundation instituted in 2019. She is also the principal trainer at the Africa Foresight Lab, a platform she set up to foster foresight literacy among African’s professionals and especially young people - a course that anchors the must have 21st century competencies like critical thinking, complex problem solving skills, creativity, collaboration, and adaptive leadership, among others. Dr. Sivi strongly believes that investing in Africa’s population to be future oriented will empower them to shape their spheres of influence.

In the past 20 years, through consultancies, think tank, and international development agency settings, she has conceptualized cutting-edge researches, policy analysis pieces, futures strategies, and training projects that contributed to significant policy interventions. These include: government projects like Kenya’s Generation Unlimited that gave youth employment advisory to the President, Kenya’s Vision 2030 where she wrote the youth chapter, and Kenya’s innovation masterplan; national projects like countrywide inequality research project dabbed “pooling together or pulling apart” to document socioeconomic, and gender inequalities at the lowest administrative levels, and which became the basis for developing all 47 County Integrated Development Plans (CIDP’s) and which significantly informed the allocation of the national equality fund to marginalized regions, the Youth Scenarios Project which brought to the fore, the urgency of youth inclusion and contributed to the exponential allocation of resources to the Ministry of Youth; multi-national corporation projects like at World Bank where she wrote the political economy paper for the first multi-agency Youth Empowerment Program in the country, UNODC where she researched on the future of transnational crime in the Horn of Africa, and UNDP where she co-facilitated Kenya’s peace and security architecture futures. Additionally, her work also includes published books, book chapters, and reports, in the areas of: energy transitions, biotechnology, governance and elections; citizen civic engagement; civil society organizations; women futures, gender inclusion and gender budgeting; health - mainly health governance and sexual reproductive health; extractives (minerals); humanitarian aid; and livelihoods.

As a foresight trainer and educator, Dr. Sivi is involved in various programs purposed to enhance foresight literacy in Africa. She is an adjunct lecturer at Strathmore University where she teaches strategic management courses, with an emphasis on strategic foresight. She has been a foresight co-facilitator at the Institute for the Future (IFTF, USA) offering Foresight Essentials E-trainings to global teams desiring to achieve future-readiness. LongView Africa Foresight Lab, which she runs, has partnered with International Leadership University to offer foresight

Katindi Sivi

and anticipatory management certificate courses. She is also a guest editor with Emerald Publishing reviewing Foresight journal articles. She recently became a certified clarity 4D coach, a program that seeks to enhance peoples self-awareness.

Dr. Sivi has a PhD in Leadership and Strategic Foresight from Regent University (USA). She also has foresight training from Oxford University, Saïd Business School, and is a five time Global Salzburg Fellow. Dr. Sivi serves as the chairperson of Emerging Leaders Foundation (a leadership mentorship outfit), and is a Futures program advisor at the Institute of Economic Affairs. She is a founding member of the Global South Futures Community, and she is a member of the Association of Professional Futures, as well as Collaborative Futures.

To interact more with her work, please visit www.longviewconsult.com

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