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“Rivers do not drink their own water; trees do not eat their own fruit; the sun does not shine on itself and flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves”……. “Our life spreads light when it is given in service”.

Quotes by Pope Francis

AFL firmly believes in fostering foresight literacy among young Africans because when the future is bleak, they become the biggest casualties. In this program, we endeavor to build a critical mass of young futurists with ideas that will translate into phenomenal futures for the Africa they want and deserve. We, therefore, inspire them to identify issues that are of great concern to them. We aid them to conduct futures exercises that identify future innovative solutions. By encouraging them to implement these ideas, they are certainly taking matters into their own hands! To create new futures for themselves and for the generations that come after them.

This program is for you if:

  • You consider yourself to be a change maker
  • You are willing and fully committed to investing 3 hours every Saturday for 3 months:
  • To hone forward-thinking skills
  • To gain an innovation mindset
  • To identify innovative solutions to a community challenge


  • LONGVIEW GROUPAfrica Foresight Lab E-Futures training program admits youth born and living in Sub-Sahara Africa aged between 20 and 35.
  • The program admits only young people who fluently speak, write and comprehend the English language. Currently there is no translation of the material or online program in other languages.
  • The applicant must certify that they have access to very good and reliable internet any time of the day to facilitate online learning
  • The applicant must also certify that they will have the time to attend all the classes. A minimum of 95% class attendance and very active class participation is required, failure to which the student will be discontinued.
  • The applicant must commit to completing all the assignments and projects given and on time and on an online platform as instructed.
  • The applicant must complete the online application form to be considered for the program


    Submission deadline

Annual free program
Offered in June – August annually

Secure your spot today by filling the details on the registration form provided by 1st May.
Other cohorts (Group registrations formerly negotiated by a youth serving organization)
  • March - May annually
  • September – November annually

As negotiated with the youth serving organization.

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